Similar Initiatives

  • The Manthan Award Asia Pacific : since 2003-04, the Award network has identified, promoted, facilitated and supported digital solutions and innovations as best practices for development.
  • The mBillionth Award : since 2010, the mBillionth Award South Asia has identified, promoted, supported best practices in mobile innovations for development, service delivery and governance.
  • eNorth East Award Summit : Since 2010, the eNorth East Award platform has identified, recognised, documented best practices in ICT for development in North East India.
  • Mobiles for Social & Behavioural Change : Since 2013, the MSBC knowledge network of DEF and UNICEF in India has identified, recognised, promoted and supported mobile innovations in health and education.
  • Governance Knowledge Centre : The Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances, as part of its mandate to document and disseminate good-governance initiatives, has launched a Web Portal, namely, Governance Knowledge Centre (GKC) in 2005.