• Consolidation & felicitation of best practices : The Summit to identify and consolidate key innovative practices for policy and programme acceptance in Assam.
  • Collaborative Innovations & KnowledgeSummit & Exchange Programme: summit to enable networking and collaboration and provide a common platform of best practices, experiments and case studies on digital solutions. The  Assam Innovation & knowledge network  to engage innovations as  solutions for service delivery and good governance
  • Supporting Implementation, Mentoring, Promoting : As a follow up, the AINS 2015 will   promote, support and mentor digital solutions and innovations for implementation, adoption, scale up and replication in the state.
  • Launch of Pilot : Explore at least 1 pilot in each of 8 focused areas of AINS 2014 intervention with government collaboration at state level.
  • Launch of  Assam Innovation & Knowledge Network (AIKN): Emerge with and put in place the  Assam Innovation and exchange network platform for timely  public based digital engagement framework (dissemination and distribution) at State and district levels; Adopt a multi-pronged approach in promotion and delivery of digital solutions for citizen services delivery using ICT tools including mobile solutions.
  • Formal steps towards Assam Digital Inclusion Framework: The summit sowing the first seeds of an Assam Digital Inclusion Framework..