Assam has immense potential to enhance service delivery and good governance and in sustainable development. However, the State is  largely facing development, service delivery challenges due to limited efforts in innovations in problem solving. For instance, there has been very marginal and limited interventions in using ICT or digital solutions to address challenges in vital areas of health, education, livelihood, skill development and other areas. As a result, communities and citizens are restricted in entitlement gains due to lack of services and solutions in time  and benefits.
Further, while the departments and development agencies of services delivery continue to make efforts to perform and deliver, they lack means to effective delivery and results despite spending resources. They have limited access to innovative solutions and means in ICT and mobile digital world to adopt and implement to improve performance and result.
The proposed digital knowledge sharing and exchange programme is designed to address the knowledge gap in above areas. Through this collaborative programme it is proposed to bring stakeholders in one network to work towards sustainable solutions for citizen services.

“e-Assam” initiative as a digital knowledge best practices network programme initiated by North East Development Foundation, Digital Empowerment Foundation supported by the Open Knowledge Community (A knowledge platform of UNESCO in India & Department of IT & Electronics & IT, GoI) & UNESCO